Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Art of Software Development

New York City artist Nathan Sawaya  exhibited the following art piece of Lego art.  I guess everyone knows to how to connect, manipulate lego pieces.  But only artists like Nathan Sawaya can make such art from the ordinary lego bricks.  

We study software development by learning programming languages, tools, methods, ways of thinking, etc.  These topics are normally covered in computing-related curricula.  We also know that experiences are very important ingredient to master programming.  Exactly how all of them work together to upgrade software developers?  What is the journey by which a programmer can reach the mastery of programming or coding and produce art pieces of software?   

Cute Picture

I found this cute picture of Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck on the Web

The post is in some other language I don't understand.  Somehow I like this picture which inspires me to think pair programming, XP, software development, social activity, etc.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Object Thinking

I was reading another book about developing applications with UML and  object oriented programming languages.   Somehow I happened to do a quick reading of Object Thinking.  Immediately I got hooked.   I always want to know more about how to thinking Object-Oriented and how to develop application focusing on objects that behavior.  This book shows some promise.  I was fully engaged so far.  I especially love the "Behind the Quotes" feature.  So far, I list two of my favorite quotes:

"Thinking include a value system, a history, a worldview, a set of ideas, and a context."

"XP provides a foundation by identifying a set of discrete practices that can actually be practice.  Any developer can actually do these practices and, simply by doing them, become a better practitioner."

So, how can a developer get upgraded?   I am searching and learning.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cactus in Arizona

Baby teething

Baby has been teething. After Christmas day, he had four teeth. Now he has six teeth: four upper teeth and two lower ones. How amazing!